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Striving To Create Relationships That Will Last Long After The Stock Trailer Gate Closes

Agriculture is something we very passionate about. Both Erika and Bobby have been in this field our whole lives.  In fact, we were both raised on farms and are very happy to raise our children on the farm as well.  Although it is a great way of life, we believe that in order to succeed in agriculture year after year, your business must be profitable.

Profitable genetics are those that give our customers more calves at calving, less inputs during the summer, and a high gain in the feedlot. We accomplish this by offering cattle that have birth weight in check, do not receive creep feed or implants, and are fed a high roughage ration in the feedlot to insure proper structural development. These are truly genetics for the commercial cattlemen.


The foundation of our herd is our well rounded mother cows. These females have been selected over many years for a moderate frame, calving ease, calm disposition, and a quality udder. We make our cows work for us, they must calve on their own and raise a calf on the North Dakota prairie without any creep feed. If they cannot raise a nice calf, they are down the road.


One of the biggest traits we emphasize in our cow herd is docility. Calm cattle are easier and safer to handle, especially when children or outside help is on the farm. We strive to handle our cattle in a way that will provide a docile disposition not only in our herd but in all of our customers herds.


Our females are backed by some of the best sires in the breed. Many of their pedigrees include sires such as Sitz Upward 307R, SAV Traveler 004, Kesslers Frontman R001, Connealy Final Product, GDAR Game Day 449, HA Image Maker 0415, and Mytty IN Focus.


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