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We will be featuring genetics out of these powerful sires in our 2020 Sale!

(Click on the name of each bull to view epd's and other information)

AI Sires

JBA Infusion 419     AAA# 17974032


Being the lead off and high selling bull in our 2015 sale, Infusion's first calf crop has exceeded expectations. He was not only the high ratioing sire at weaning, but also gave us the heaviest bull calf ever weaned at JB Angus. Infusion excells as a calving ease sire with huge amounts of growth! He is also maternally packed with 3 generations of pathfinder dams along with a pedigree loaded with great female making sires. He ranks in the top 1% of current sires in $W, the true maternal epd.


PA Fortitude as Yearling

Dam of PA Fortitude

ICCPayRaise4886 Photo1.jpg
Mediator 575.jpg
PA Payweight 668.jpg
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